Portrait of (arnaud) Aleksandr Fedorovich Langeron


Cesarine Lombard

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Cesarine Lombard b.1792 portrait of (arnaud) aleksandr Fedorovich Langeron (1763-1831) signed on reverse, Cesarine Lombard oil on canvas 20 by 15 cm., 8 by 6 in. Cesarine Lombard, a French painter of portraits, was born in Dauphine in 1792. Lombard went on to study in Paris under Regnault. In 1824, Lombard exhibited at the Paris Salon. The subject of the portrait is Aleksandr Fedorovich Langeron, Count and General of the Infantry. He was a Frenchman who spent 19 years in North America fighting against the British. in 1790 he entered the Russian service as a colonel. That same year he participated in the naval battle against Sweden near Vyborg and was awarded the Order of Saint George, 4th class. He participated in the Ismail Campaign of 1805 and was awarded a gold sword. In 1797 he became a Russian citizen and was promoted to Major-General. He partook in the campaign of 1805 in Austria,and during the war with Turkey 1806-1812, he commanded a corps and subsequently was promoted to General of the Infantry and awarded the Order of Saint George, 3rd class. During the Patriotic War of 1812 he commanded a corps in the army of Chichakov and was awarded the Order of Saint George, 2nd class for taking the Fortress of Torn. He was appointed Military Governor of Kerson and Governor of Odessa. He was the author of an interesting manuscript entitled, The Russian Army in the Year of Catherine II's Death. Other known portraits of Langeron are by K.Ya. Reichelm (born 1778), oil on canvas, 90 by 77 cm. The Odessa Picture Gallery, inv. NoZH-73; and by George Dawe, oil on canvas, inscribed 'painted from nature by Geo: Dawe R.A.', The Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, St.Petersburg Literature: V.Glinka, A.Pomarnatsky, The Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Leningrad,1974, p.175, ill.p.176 V.P. Nikiforov, A.V.Pomarnatskii, A.V. Souvorov and his Contemporaries, Leningrad, 1964, pp.40-41, plate 151