A Soviet Propaganda Porcelain Plate: The Commissar, The State Porcelain Factory, Petrograd, 1921

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After a design by the artist Alexandra Shchekotikhina-Pototskaia, the Commissar dressed in jodhpurs, military jacket, and lace-up boots holding a file in his hand as he strides across Palace Square (then known as Uritsky Square) with the General Staff Building and the Alexander Column in the background
with Uritsky Square, Petrograd painted in Cyrillic around the border, the underside with blue overglaze factory mark, dated 1921, signed with the Cyrillic monogram MZ, possibly for factory painter Maria Zabotkina, and with the Cyrillic phrase "after a des[ign] by Shchekotikhina and with green Imperial cypher for Nicholas II dated 1907
Diameter 9 in.
23 cm