A Fine and Rare Gilded Silver and Pictorial Enamel Desk Set, Feodor Rückert, Moscow, circa 1900

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Comprising a Letter Rack, a Blotter, and an Inkstand fitted with an Inkwell and two small Boxes -- one for stamps and the other containing a stamp moistener -- the superstructure of the stand holding a Paper Knife with silver blade, and a Pen; the Letter Rack finely enameled with two richly dressed and well armed medieval guards before a wooden door flanked by heavy, colorfully enameled columns, the Inkwell with conforming decoration and enameled on the front with a portrait bust of a beautiful young boyarina (decorative cover lacking), the Stamp Box enameled with images of five and seven kopek stamps en plein, the shaped Inkstand enameled with a winged dragon amongst brightly colored floral and geometric ornament
with the scratched inventory numbers 690 and 691, the blotter and pen apparently unmarked

Length of Tray 13 1/2 in.
34.2 cm