A Rare and Monumental Icon of the Creation of the World and the Fall of Man , Northern Russia, 17th century

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Divided into five registers, the upper register depicting God the Father in an orange red aureole creating the sun and the moon, surrounded by two angels, the cross and the Hetoimasia, and possible representations of Earth and Kosmos, the mouth of Hades wide open; the second register showing God the Father's descent to earth as an angel to complete the Creation and his rest on the seventh day; Adam and Eve in the third register arriving naked in the Garden of Eden, eating from the forbidden fruit, and being banished from paradise; fourth register showing Adam and Eve within their tomb whilst their descendants toil the earth, and the slaying of Abel by his brother Cain; final register showing the dormition of the forefathers

161 by 129.5cm, 63 1/4 by 51in.