A Group of Russian Gilded Silver and Enamel Items, Moscow and St. Petersburg, circa 1890-1910

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Comprising a tea strainer, Ivan Khlebnikov; a set of twelve coffee spoons, Twentieth Artel; a large spoon, Lyubavin; a shaped spoon, Antip Kuzmichev; a small spoon, 1891; a pair of sugar tongs, Antip Kuzmichev; a belt buckle, Alexander Dalman; a cigarette holder, St. Petersburg in a box from the retailer Alexander of St. Petersburg; a small beaker, Ivan Saltykov; and a small beaker, Sergei Shaposhnikov. Together with a Soviet lighter, Leningrad, circa 1927; a set of six English coffee spoons, Turner & Simpson, Birmingham, 1956; and a French spoon, 1891
Length of Large Spoon 6 1/4 in.
16 cm