A Russian Silver, Cloisonné, and Champlevé Enamel Egg-Shaped Box, Ovchinnikov, Moscow, 1882

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The oviform box formed of panels of elaborately cast and chased scrolled openwork panels interspersed with bands decorated with geometric and floral designs in colorful champlevé enamels, a fan motif in pale lavender and dark green enamel decorated with gilt stars partially encloses the top and bottom, the lid crowned with the figure of a seated putto holding a floral wreath enclosing the gold Roman numerals XXV, all of this being set on four chicken legs atop balls decorated with champlevé enamels, the interior lined with red velvet
The Roman numerals XXV so proudly displayed by the wreath-bearing putto indicate that this extravagant box was intended as a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift.

Height 10 1/2 in.
26.7 cm