Anastasia Mikhailovna: An Important Imperial Russian Silver Tea Service, Nichols and Plinke, St. Petersburg, 1879

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The vessels with a band of geometric ornament entwined with ribbons and gilded interiors, the spoons with beaded borders and wreath tops
comprising a Teapot, Hot Water Pot, Two-Handled Tray, Kettle with Stand and Lamp, a Hot Milk Jug, Creamer, a Covered Sugar Bowl, a Tea Strainer, Sugar Tongs, and Twenty-Four Tea Spoons, each piece engraved with the monogram MA beneath the Imperial crown, contained in original fitted oak traveling chest, the cover applied with a metal plaque engraved with the Imperial monogram of Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna, each piece marked Nichols and Plinke with Imperial warrant and also with the Cyrillic initials RK for Robert Colqhuon, proprietor of the firm (Kettle Stand apparently unmarked)
Length of Tray over Handles 33 1/8 in.
84.5 cm