Order of the White Eagle and the Polish Episcopate, circa 1850-1870

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An unusual series of eleven different European-made reproductions or specimen pieces of Order Insignia, all unsigned and unmarked, mostly in bronze, bronze-gilt and enamels but some in silver and silver-gilt, comprising:

(i) a reproduction in bronze, bronze-gilt and enamels of an early-type badge of the Order of the White Eagle, the reverse bearing central cypher of Augustus the Strong (Duke of Saxony and King of Poland), width 64.5mm;
(ii) a neck or sash badge of a religious Order, in bronze-gilt and green enamel and with crown suspension, the obverse with central enamelled roundel depicting the Baptism of Mary, reverse with central crowned cypher of Alexander I in silver on red enamel, width 53mm;
(iii-vii) five neck or sash badges in bronze-gilt and enamels of related pattern, each displaying the White Eagle with cypher of Alexander I superimposed on a Maltese Cross enamelled in blue, red (or blue/red combination), reverses featuring differing treatments of the Madonna and Child, Christ, and two Saints, three badges with crown suspension, widths 57.5mm – 66mm;
(viii) a reproduction in silver-gilt and enamelled copper of an early pattern White Eagle Episcopal neck badge, plain loop suspension, width 58.7mm, some enamel loss;
(ix) Order of the White Eagle breast star, in silver, silver-gilt and red-brown enamel, with gilt reverse and brooch-pin suspension, width 90.5mm;
(x-xi) Order of the White Eagle, breast stars (2), of broadly similar type but with differing centres, one in silver-gilt and silver, the other in silver; each of multi-part construction using embossed silver elements, with rings at extremities of rays for stitch-mounting, both 95.5mm, both with slight damage or loss to one or two points;
all housed in a large custom-made velvet-lined display case in gold-blocked green leather by M. Verrazano, Turin, the lid depicting the conjoined shields of Savoy and Saxony, some wear at corners of case and original lid fasteners now lacking