Portrait of Ivan Fedorovich Paskievich


Franz Krger

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After Franz Krger, 19th century portrait of ivan paskievich oil on canvas 94 by 64cm., 37I by 25in. Ivan Fedorovich Paskievich (1782-1856), Count Yerevansky, Prince of Warsaw, General Field Marshal (1829). He took part in the war against Napoleon. He annexed the Khanates of Yerevan and Nakhichevansk to Russia. After the suppression of the Polish Uprising in 1831 and the seizure of Warsaw he became a governor of the Polish Kingdom. He led the Caucasian Corpus from 1827-1831. He is depicted in a Generals uniform with epaulettes and an aiguilette, with a Field Marshals staff, the sash and star of the Orders of Saint George and Saint Vladimir, various other medals, including a medal of distinction for 30 years Military Service, a diamond set miniature of Tsar Nicholas I, the Polish Order of Virtuti Militari and a Turkish medal. The original portrait by Krger, considerably larger than this contemporary copy, was hung in the Field Marshals Hall of the Winter Palace and is today in the Hermitage collection (Inv. No. GE 5997). It is known that a number of copies were made of the picture to be displayed in various military institutions, and it is possible that the offered lot may have been such a commission.