A russian book of gospels with fine and rare gilded silver and enamel binding, early 18th century

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The cover chased with fruiting scrolling foliage, applied at the center with a plaque enameled with Christ Pantocrator, the corners with enameled plaques of the four Evangelists, also applied with enameled Archangels, Cherubim, and scenes of the Passion of Christ, the base finely chased with Instruments of the Passion and with scrolling foliage, with oval plaque with dedicatory inscription, "In Memory of Grand Duke Sergi," the inner border inscribed in Cyrillic, "silver and enamel produced by the silversmith Feodor Nikidorov," the spine chased with foliage, Assay-master Afanasi Riebakov, maker's mark unclear, Moscow, 1729
height 18 in. 46 cm