a silver presentation figure of justice, ovchinnikov, st. petersburg, 1909

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Blindfolded figure of the goddess Themis holding the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other, with one foot treading lightly upon the head of a serpent, the figure set on a red marble plinth applied with dedicatory gilded plaque below the double-headed eagle of the Russian Imperial State Seal, the Roman numerals XXV within laurel wreathes, and a dedicatory silver plaque inscribed "To Deeply Respected Sergei Andreevich Muromstev in Honor of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Service, 1884-1909, in the St. Petersburg Judicial Chambers," set on a stepped, square base, the lowest level being applied with four finely chased plaques with city views.
height 13 3/4 in. 35 cm