Prince Paul Troubetzkoy

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Prince Paul Troubetzkoy Russian, 1866-1938, CZAR ALEXANDER III, signed Paul Troubetzkoy and dated 1909, with C.Valsuani foundry stamp within a rectangle, bronze, dark patina tending to black. height 22in. by length 22 1/2 in. (55.9cm. by 57.2cm.) A model for the famous equestrian memorial to Alexander III erected on Znamenskaja Square in St.Petersburg in 1909, and now preserved in the Marble Palace, St. Petersburg. Troubetzkoy worked on the monument from 1900 to 1909 in a large specially constructed studio on Nevski Prospect, St. Petersburg. P.I. Neradovskii, curator of the Museum of Alexander III (later the Russian State Museum) relates in his memoirs his visit to Troubetzkoy's studio in 1902, witnessing the artist's work on the mighty monument surrounded by his menagerie of wild animals, (see P.I. Neradovskii, Memoirs, Leningrad, 1965, pp.98-101). The unveiling of the monument in 1909 caused great debate as it was outside the traditional heroic style, but it the artist Ilya Ginsburg reported that it was praised by Repin, (see Sculptor Ilya Ginsburg,Memoirs,Article,Letters, Leningrad, 1964, pp.162-171.) For a discussion of this work see, John S. Grioni, The Lasting Czar, Antique Collector Magazine, London, October, 1989, and Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Paris, no.1, 1995. Another model of the same size as the offered example is preserved in the collection of the Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg. See, Catalogue of Sculpture in the Collection of the Russian State Museum, Leningrad, 1988, no.1353. Provenance: Presented by the artist in 1938 to Prince Youka Nicholaevich Troubetzkoy (1905-1992). Exhibited: Prima Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Della Secessione, Rome, 1913, no. 450.