A collection of seventeen books with designs by Yuri Annenkov

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Pierre Courthion, Georges Annenkov, Paris, Editions des Chroniques du Jour, c.1930; a collection of cuttings from Preuves c.1951-56, Georges Annenkov dans Preuves, Paris, 1929, with original lithographs by Y.P.Annenkov; Alexandre Blok, Les Douze, Paris, 1967, with designs by Y.P.Annenkov; Esope, No.23, Paris, January 1955; Art Russe Moderne, preface by Andre Salmon, Paris, 1928; Portreti, Yuri Annenkov (USA reprint of original 1922 Petersburg publication); Alexander Blok, Dvenadsats, illustrated by Y.Annenkov (USA reprint of 1918 publication); Zamyatin, Kuzmin and Babenchikov, Yuri Annenkov, Portreti, Petersburg, 1922; Streletz (3rd edition), St.Petersburg, 1922; K.Chukovsky, Moi Dodir, illustrated by Y.Annenkov, Moscow-Leningrad, Raduga, c.1924; Satirikoi, Vols 1-26, April 1931-September 1931, Paris; Dostoevsky, Scandaleuse Histoire, translated by Alexis Remisoff and Jean Chuzeville, illustrated by Y.Annenkov, Paris, 1935 (in original slipcase); Yuri Annenkov, Maxime Gorki vu par un Artiste, Paris, 1936 (an article from Europe, No.164); K.Chukovsky, Moi Dodir, illustrated by Y.Annenkov, 1926 (printed in Germany?); Alexander Blok, Les Douze, translated Serge Romoff, illustrated by Michel Larionov, Paris, with written dedication from Larionov to Annenkov, dated 1956, Louis Cheronnet, Extra-Muros, Paris, 1929, illustrated by Annenkov quantity