Good collection of photographs, letters and autograph letters and poems by Fedor Chaliapin, mainly illustrated by him with caricatures, including:

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1) Photograph signed (with initials) and inscribed, by Mishin of New York, 22 x 17cms., January 1922; together with 5 large photographs, including one showing Chaliapin sitting for the uncompleted and later destroyed portrait by Repin, some showing the bass in costume (including as Galitsky in ';Prince Igor'; and 6 smaller informal photographs (possibly unpublished) and 3 postcard photographs2) Autograph musical manuscript signed with an initial, the music of a folk song written in violet ink, notated on four staves, the words written below in black capitals, with name of the author (A.Sashko), 1 page, 8vo., New York, 16 January 19243) Six autograph letters, including i) remarkable autograph letter signed, to Marfa and Marina including two pen and ink drawings of an electric chair and electric head-piece at Sing-Sing prison in the United States, describing his impression of the prison where he gave a concert for the prisoners, 6 pages, 8vo., 2 January 1924 ii) autograph letters to his brother, about Los Angeles, in which he discusses his interest in buying property there, and responds to his brother's intention to study aviation, 4 pages, 8vo, printed stationery of The Sovereign Hotel Chicago, 20 February 1924 iii) together with letters and draft letters to the editor of the ';Red Newspaper'; (about returning to Russia), to Gabriele d';Annunzio, written in Italia and others4) Collection of fifteen manuscript drafts of poems, together with other notes and drafts (including some for letters unfinished or not sent), four items with caricatures and drawings, one addressed to his Dassia,c.30 items in all, c.50 pages in manuscript, mainl 4to and 8vo, New York, Monte Carlo, Frankfurt and elsewhere, 1922-1936 where dated; there is a typed summary of the manuscript items available on request.