A necklace of nineteen egg pendants

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Carved of aventurine quartz, Alexander Lyubavin, 56 standard; of pink hardstone, unrecorded maker ML, Moscow, 56 standard; of green hardstone, apparently unmarked; in gold set with a ruby and seed-pearls, St Petersburg, 56 standard; Fabergé, with turquoise enamel over hatched engine-turning, Feodor Afanassiev, 56 standard; of chalcedony within ruby and emerald set gold cagework, 1899-1908, 56 standard; with transparent red enamel with gold letters Kh.V. (Cyrillic) for 'Kristos Voskres', illegible maker's mark, 56 standard; in gold modelled as a walnut, St Petersburg, 56 standard; Fabergé, with translucent red enamel, struck KF in Cyrillic, workmaster August Hollming, St. Petersburg, 1899-1904, 56 standard; with translucent white enamel with applied Russian Imperial Civic flag, apparently unmarked; Fabergé, with translucent red enamel with chased gold laurel band, Feodor Afanassiev, 56 standard; in polished gold centred with a cabochon chrysoprase, 56 standard; with light blue enamel over hatched ground, Ivan Britzin; in pebbled gold centered with a cabochon sapphire, indistinct maker’s mark, St Petersburg, 56 standard; with turquoise enamel over wavy engine-turning, 56 standard; in gold with raised beads, St Petersburg, 56 standard; of swirling agate, Andrei Adler, 56 standard; of chalcedony, apparently unmarked; of bloodstone, indistinct maker's mark, 56 standard; all suspended from a modern gold chain, apparently unmarked Quantity: 19 length of chain 59cm, 23 1/4 in.