A large silver-gilt and cloisonné enamel three-handled cup, Feodor Rückert, retailed by Ovchinnikov, Moscow, 1899-1908

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The raised flared bowl divided into three panels, each centred with a roundel painted with figures depicted in Konstantin Makovsky's A Boyar Wedding Feast (1883): the reluctant bride and patient groom, the bearded elderly guest offering a toast, and the female guest holding a kovsh, their clothes highlighted with gold foil, within red frames on grounds of shaded polychrome foliage on stippled surfaces, the borders of further flowerheads within blue leaf scrolls, the handles formed as dragon necks with flowers and scales, the bulbous feet painted with griffins, struck FR and P.Ovchinnikov in Cyrillic beneath the Imperial Warrant, 84 standard height 27.5cm, 10 3/4 in.