A Russian parcel-gilt silver Kiddush beaker and stand

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Moscow, 1882 engraved with architectural scenes interrupting flower sprays, the beaker also engraved This cup was used for Kiddush by the Rev. Chief Rabbi, May 19th 1894; A German silver-gilt beaker, unmarked, 18th century, of matted tapering cylindrical form, the foot inset with a Prussian l/6th thaler dated 1751; and a sanctuary lamp, circa 1800, part marked GBCC and illegible marks, probably Sicilian or Spanish the kiddush beaker with makers mark IEZ (Postnikova-Losseva no 616) the stand makers mark poorly struck, 6.5cm, the sanctuary lamp 28cm diameter, 1190gr, 38oz. The unknown makers IEZ recorded by Postnikova-Losseva in LOrfevrerie et la Bijouterie au XV-XXs., Moscow, 1995 is found in conjunction with both Moscow and Kiev assay marks. The 1882 Moscow assay mark A.K. on the stand, although not recorded by Postnikova-Losseva has been encountered before.