The Monk Saint Savva of Storojevskii

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The Saint prepares to cross himself and bows towards an image of the Virgin in the top left hand corner, a topographical representation of his monastery in the foreground, the lower margin with the miraculous spring, circa 1800, the background and kovcheg stripped to the gesso. Born in 1327, St. Savva was one of the first disciples of St. Sergei of Radonejh at his newly founded monastery of the Trinity. After Sergei’s death and during his successor Nikon’s six year absence, Savva was acting Abbot of the Trinity Monastery. Prince Yuri Dimitrievich of Zvenigorod invited him to settle near his capital on Storojevskii hill. Here Savva built a cell and a chapel as the nucleus of the future monastery. St. Savva’s well still exists. He died in 1407. In the late 15th century he appeared in a dream to the Abbot Dionysii who being an icon painter, painted Savva’s image. Tzar Alexei Mikhailivich, hunting near the monastery, attributed his escape from a bear to the Saint’s intervention. Savva was canonised in 1651.