The Warrior Saint Alexander Nevsky

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The naturalistically painted icon encased in a parcel gilt oklad, repousse and chased in fine detail, showing the Prince within an interior, standing resplendently regaled in an ermine lined cloak and sash tied tunic, his crown and sceptre shown on a cloth covered table beside him, the border chased with strapwork motifs, maker’s mark S.G., assayed twice in Moscow 1894 and 1895. Alexander Nevsky became Prince of Novgorod in 1231, a time when Russia was simultaneously under attack from the Tartars from the East, and the Swedes and Teutonic Crusader Knights from the latin West. In 1240 Alexander defeated the Swedes, and the Teutonic Knights in 1242. In 1247 he undertook the journey to the Khan Batu’s headquarters to seek mercy for the Russian people under Tartar rule. He died in 1263 and was canonised in 1380 for his personal holiness, military bravery, practical wisdom and diplomacy.