Rare Russian silver and niello Romanov Bicentenary casket


Maker’s Mark K.P.

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Moscow, 1813, the cover nielloed with the Russian Imperial Eagle, with nielloed portraits of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, the first Romanov Czar Michael and Alexander I, the ends of the Casket inscribed with the names of the Romanov rulers from 1613-1813, the back of the casket nielloed with the crowned cypher of Alexander I flanked by Imperial Eagles, the front nielloed with cupids holding a shield with the monograms of Alexander I and the Empress Elizabeth Feodorovna, the interior of the lid nielloed with portraits of Czars Michael, Feodor, Peter II, Ivan VI, Peter III and Paul, also the Empresses Catherine I, Anna and Elizabeth, the casket raised on four bracket feet nielloed with Imperial Eagles.