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16th Century, in four registers depicting top to bottom and left to right as follows: 1. the Pokrov, and Apostle Anania, 2. Ss. Kiprian and Ustinia, 3. St. Dionysi, the Aeropagit, 4. St. Ierotheos, 5. St. Kharitina, 6. Apostle Thomas, 7. Ss. Sergi and Bacch, 8. St. Eudokia, 9. Apostle James and St. Andronikos, 10. Ss. Evlampios and Theotekinos, 11. St. Philip the Deacon, St. Theophan the Confessor and the Commemoration of the Seventh Ecumenical Council of Nicea, 12. Ss. Martyrs Prob, Tarkh, Andronik, 13. Ss. Martyrs Karp and Papila and the Deacon Ss. Anastasia, Domnika and Kosmas Stograd, 14. Ss. Martyrs Gervasi, Protasi and Kelesi, 15. Ss. Non and Nicholas Sviatosha, 16. Centurion Longin, 17. St. Prophet Hosiah, and St. Andrew of Crete, 18. St. Luke the Evangelist, 19- Ss. Var, Joel the Prophet and Sadok, 20. Ss. Martyr Arthemi and Cleo and her child, 21. St. Ilarion, 22. St. Averki, 23. Ss. Apostle James and Siglitikia, 24. Ss. Martyr Arefa and Elesboy King of Ethiopia with four other saints, 25. St. Trofari, 26. St. Martyr Dimitri of Salonica, 27. St. Martyr Nestor and another saint, 28. St. Martyr Paraskeva, 29. St. Anastasia, 30. St. Zinovi, 31. two saints.