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16th Century, in four registers depicting top to bottom and left to right as follows: 1. St. Martyr Triphon, 2. Presentation of Christ in the Temple and St. Benedict, 3. No identifiable saints, 4. Ss. Isador of Pilousia and Nicholas of Stoudia, 5. St. Martyr Agathia, 6. St. Vikoula of Imira, 7. Ss. Partheni and Martyr Julian, 8. St. Theodor Stratilat, 9- St. Martyr Nikifor, 10. St. Martyr Kharlampi, 11. St. Vlasi of Sebastia and St. Dimitri of Priloutza, 12. Meleti of Antiokhia, St. (Queen) Theodora and the Veneration of the relics of St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow, and St. Anthony Patriarch of Constantinople, 13- St. Martinian, 14. Ss. Avxentiy, Cyril of Catania and Eulogi of Alexandria, 15. St. Apostle Anisim, 16. St. Martyr Pamphil and St. Favian, 17. St. Theodor Tiron, 18. Ss. Leonti (Pope) and Marks Maxim, 19. St. Apostle Arkhipp, 20. St. Leon of Katamia, 21. No identifiable saint, 22. The Discovery of the Relics of the Martyrs of Eugenia, 23. Ss. Polykarp of Imira and Nestor of Pamfilia, 24. The First and Second Discovery of the Head of St. John the Baptist, 25. St. Tarasi, Patriarch of Constantinople, 26. No identifiable saints, 27. St. Prokopi Decapolitan, 28. St. Vlassy the Confessor, 29. St. Kassian the Roman.