Important Russian biographical icon of St. Nikita

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Moscow, Early 16th Century, the center of the icon painted with St. Nikita grasping the devil by the hair with his left hand and wielding a stick with this right hand, surrounded by scenes of his life left to right and top to bottom as follows: 1. the instruction of St. Nikita in the Christian faith, 2. his baptism, 3. St. Nikita declares his faith, 4. the victory over the barbarians, 5. the dream of St. Nikita, 6. St. Nikita prays to St. Uliana, 7. St. Nikita prays to Christ, 8. St. Nikita causes the fall of idols through his prayers, 9. the beating of St. Nikita, 10. St. Nikita beating a devil, 11. St. Nikita being judged, 12. the torture of St. Nikita by fire, 13. St. Nikita is ordered to drink poison, 14. the beheading of St. Nikita, 15. the burial of St. Nikita.