The Anastasis

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Finely painted in two registers, the upper half centred by The Saviour rising from the Tomb, to his right a group of angels descend to chain Satan, and three scenes from the Passion are shown: St. Thomas touching Christs wounds, The Spice Bearing Women, and St. Peter at the empty tomb; below, The Saviour is shown astride the broken gates pulling Adam from the jaws of Hell, prophets and saints ascend to the gates of paradise, preceded by The Good Thief, who is further shown within the paradisiac garden together with the prophets Elijah and Moses; in the bottom right corner are depicted the incidents of Christ walking on the water and calming the storm, each scene is calligraphically described on the kovcheg, on the upper border of which the New Testament Trinity is painted in a roundel, Palekh, 18th Century.