A hardstone frog-form pill box with jewelled silver-gilt and enamel mounts Faberge

Workmaster M. Perchin

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St Petersburg, before 1896, the crouching creature amusingly carved in bowenite with cabochon ruby eyes and diamond-set mouth, his belly fitted with hinged oval lid enamelled in translucent red over sunburst engine-turning. For another bowenite frog-form box with more textured rendering of the skin, in the Royal Collection, Sandringham, see A.K. Snowman, Carl Faberge Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia, London, 1980, illust. p 70. For an example carved in nephrite with jewelled gold mounts, see H.C. Bainbridge, Peter Carl Faberge, London, 1966, pl.30.