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CIRCA 1635. The bombe bowl chased with swirling flutes, on raised gilt foot, the gilt rim engraved with Slavonic inscription Bratina of Maksim Iakovlev, son of Stroganov, and with scrolling foliage at intervals in corded and pellet borders, the interior with central gilt rosette chased with flowers and foliage, the foot with further Slavonic inscription. Maksim Iakovlev Stroganov, son of Iakov Anikievich, died in 1638. He was a member of the wealthy and powerful Stroganov family, which had a monopoly in the salt trade. Based in Solvychegodsk, they encouraged the Arts by creating a School of icon painting and applied arts. They were known as Imenitye liudi and only in the 18th Century accepted the titles of Baron and Count. Maksim Iakovlev Stroganov was involved in the conquest of Siberia and had the right of Command on the Eastern border which was confirmed by Tsar Ivan on November 16,7091 (1582) in a special decree, cf. N. Ustrialov, Imenitye Liudi Stroganovy, St. Petersburg, 1842, p.18. For an Endova bowl, in the collection of the Moscow Armoury, of similar shape and date, cf. Exhibition Catalogue, Trhors du Kremlin, Paris, 1979, no. 37. Another bowl, which belonged to Yakov Anikievich Stroganov, is in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, no. 57.4