Vladimir Vasilevich Lebedev (1891-1967)

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Signed with Cyrillic initials and dated lower right VL, 1920, assemblage of painted wood, painted metal, saw-blade, compass and a drawer-handle. It was only between 1919 and 1922 that Lebedev devoted his time to Abstract Art. Inspired by Tatlins work, he created reliefs composed of an assemblage of wood and metal showing a very clear procedure of geometric stylisation. Such Reliefs are in the Russian Museum in Leningrad. Known foremost as a graphic artist, he studied in the studio of Titov, in St. Petersburg as a visiting student between 1912-1916, he also worked in the studio of Bernshtein and Shervud. Between 1913-17 he worked as a draughtsman for the Novyi Satirikon, Argus and Sinii Zhurnal. In 1918 hejoined the avant-garde Obmokho and began teaching at Svomas (until 1921). From 1920-21 he established his reputation as a leading poster artist, working with Maiakovskii and Cheremnykh for the Rosta windows, and later on the Tass windows (1942-45). Between 1921-22 he became a member of the Posnovis/Unovis group, having joined the Four Arts group in 1920. He later became director of a childrens book publisher and was also Art Editor for Ogiz/Delgiz. Lebedev exhibited abroad, including Paris (1925 and 1931) and also held a one-man show in Leningrad in 1928. We are grateful to Evgenii Kovtun, curator of the Leningrad Russian Museum, for authenticating this lot after examining the original in Paris.