Golubye iaiatsa (Sky blue Eggs), Tiflis, 1918 (Not in Markov)

Aleksei Kruchenykh

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Hectographs printed in purple and hand-written carbon-copied text in dark blue, 1918, on thin buff wove paper (one double sheet squared), rare, good impressions, twelve pages of rubber stamped text, carbon-copied manuscript and hectographic text and designs (including cover), a few tiny nicks at the edges of two pages, in thin buff wove paper cover with artists name and title on front, the whole in very good fresh condition. The rarest 41 books are those which Kruchenykh produced by hand-operated hectographic press. The process itself is self-limiting because only a restricted number of impressions can be printed from the same matrix before it begins to break down. This necessitates that either the editions are limited to as few as fifteen to twenty-five copies or a second matrix must be made. Golubye iaiatsa is a collection of zaum (transrational) poems of the purest form by Kruchenykh. The words of the poem are interspersed with rayonnist designs and its letters are set at such peculiar angles to each other that they appear to tumble off the page. Some pages are of carbon printed manuscript or rubber-stamped text, suggesting that only a few examples can have been produced. Printed on the most fragile selection of papers, the curre.