Portrait of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna

After Pietro dei Rotari

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Oil on canvas. Elizabeth (1709-1761) was the daughter of Peter the Great by his second wife Catherine. During the reigns of her older relatives she spent her time in frivolous pursuits. In 1742 she ousted her one-year old relative Ivan VI and ascended the throne. Rotari worked in Russia from 1756 until 1762; a similar portrait from the Hermitage now in the Russian Museum in Leningrad was exhibited in the Exhibition of Russian portraits in 1902 (see the catalogue by Baron N. Wrangell pp. 115-116). For the engraving after the portrait see A. D. Rovinskii, Detailed Catalogue of Russian Engraved Portraits (St. Petersburg, 1887), vol.II pp.942-943.