An Album of 52 Watercolour Views of St. Petersburg and its environs, and of northern Estonia


Russian School (early 19th century)

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Including: The Waterfall of Imatra (3 views), Ivangorod near Narva, Narva (3 views), Oranienbaum, Petergof, Gachina, Pavlovsk Park (3 views), Molchanov, Beloselskii (2 views), Krestovskii (2 views), Chernaia Rechka, Strogonov seen from the bridge, the Church of Kamennoi Ostrov, Demidov on Kamennoi Ostrov, the Palace on Kamennoi Ostrov, Zinovev, the Country House of the Naryshkins from Krestovskii, Laval from Apothecary Island, Iurev, the House of the Naryshkins on the Fontanka, the Anichkov Palace, Kazan Cathedral, the Petrovskii Barracks, the Land and Sea Hospital, Smolnyi, the Tauride Palace from the garden, the Tauride Palace from the Neva, the Summer Garden, the Ribash House, the Great Quay (4 views), the Fortress, View towards the Bourse and the Fortress, the Bourse, the Hermitage with the Palace Theatre, the Winter Palace from the Neva, the Winter Palace from the Square, the Admiralty from St. Isaacs Square, the Admiralty from the Winter Palace, the Academy of Arts, and St. Isaacs Cathedral pencil and watercolour, some heightened with white, each with caption in German, most laid down on pages of the album, mostly loose, contemporary gilt and blindstamped calf, worn, lacks spine, covers detached, gilt clasp.