An Imperial silver-gilt presentation kovsch

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Makers marks for Alexander Hildebrandt and Yakov Maslennikov, period of Catherine II, Moscow, 1763 of traditional form, the gilt well repousse and chased with a large double headed Imperial Eagle, within a foliate surround, the sides finely engraved with foliate cartouches enclosing the following inscriptions, By Grace of God we Catherine II/Empress and Autocrat of all Russia/and so on/grant this kovsch to the Captain of the Don [Cossack] Army Esaul Pokhom Ananev, son of Seniutkin for his trusty offices in Moscow, 7th January 1763, the prow applied with a modelled doubleheaded Imperial Eagle above a half-length portrait of the Empress, the handle cast and chased with rocaille scrollwork and the Imperial crown.