Order of St.Andrew

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By Emmanuel von Pannasch of St. Petersburg, with official warrant, each link dated 1835 reduced-sized collar of thirteen links (reduced from twenty-three), comprising alternately of black Imperial eagle with red-enamelled centre bearing central gold medallion of St.George (b) red enamel medallion with blue St.Andrew cross superimposed and the motto S.A.P.R. within angles, and (c) white and green trophy of arms with the central monogram of the founder of the Order, Peter I, each medallion stamped on the plain gold reverse with the makers initials, the Imperial Warrant and the date 1835, each end of the collar with St.Petersburg hallmarked figure-of-eight connecting loops (these both additionally stamped with French ET import marks). The Order of St.Andrew was awarded to all sons of the Emperor at birth. It would therefore have been necessary for children to have had a smaller-sized collar than the full twenty-three links. Certainly photos of the last Czarevitch, Alexis, show him wearing a collar of St.Andrew of somewhat smaller dimensions. It is also possible that Russian or European recipients of small stature may also have had collars shortened.