A large biographical icon of Saint Nicholas

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Circa 1600, painted on an olive-green ground, centred by a half-length representation of the saint, his elaborate phelion decorated with gilt foliate scrolls, the Saviour and the Virgin within clouds above; circumscribed by twelve scenes from the life of the saint. The border scenes represent:1. The Nativity of Saint Nicholas 2. His baptism (when he stood upright in the font) 3. The education of Saint Nicholas in the care of an abbott 4. Nicholas is ordained as deacon 5. Nicholas is ordained as priest 6. Nicholas is ordained as a bishop 7. Nicholas appears in a dream to Emperor Constantine the Great 8. Nicholas saves three innocent men from execution 9. He saves the sailor Dimitri from drowning 10. Nicholas rescues a youth from servitude with the Saracens and returns him to his parents 11. The burial of Saint Nicholas 12. The discovery of his relics and their transference from Myrna to Bari.