A Series of Nine Glass Beakers Commemorative of the Centenary of the Great War of the Fatherland (1812)

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Each cylindrical ribbed beaker applied on the obverse with an oval opaline portrait medallion with an image en grisaille of a hero of the Campaign, the reverse oval medallion with a state eagle, the cypher of Alexander I upon its breast, inscribed: For Faith, Tsar and the Fatherland within a palm and laurel wreath, all in gilt. The following heros are depicted: Alexander I, Kutuzov, Uvarov, Volkonsky, Tormasov, Arakcheev, Vagration, Raevsky and Davydov and another Commemorative Ribbed Glass Beaker from a similar service, with an opaline glass oval medallion painted in colours with a portrait of Count M. A. Miloradovich, the reverse oval with a similar device but with added inscription in black; the rims gilded