A Large and Imposing Soviet Porcelain Propaganda Platter


Vasili Timorev

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Designed, executed and signed by the Artist, 1920, the centre painted with an elaborate composition of fervent Soviet soldiers, pieces of metalwork and tools scattered at their feet, forging weapons for the war against Poland, while amid cloud scrolls above looms an enormous threatening Polish Eagle wielding a sword and a flaming bomb; the border inscribed with the slogan From Military Exploits to Feats of Labour-From Feats of Labour to Military Exploits, the reverse with green Imperial cypher and blue Soviet hammer and sickle mark, and artists cypher. In May 1920 Poland made an alliance with Petlurya, president of the anti-Soviet Ukrainian government. At the same time Britain was concerned that Russia should not intervene in India, and was also keen to annex the oil-wells at Baku; Japan was advancing in Siberia, and General Wrangels white armies were still in the Crimea threatening to attack from the south. It seemed as if Russia would be partitioned, but this concerted attack had the effect of drawing the people together; it seemed that it was not Bolshevism, but Russia itself that was being attacked; the response was that the Poles were driven right out of the Ukraine, and had to retire to Warsaw and sue for peace in Riga.