TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna (1892-1941). Volshebnyi fonar. Vtoraia kniga stikhov . [The Magic Lantern. Second Book of Verse.] Moscow: Ole-Lukoie, 1912.

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Tsvetaevas second book is dedicated to Sergei Efron, whom she had married in January of the same year. RBH and ABPC record a single copy at auction. One of 500 copies published, some of these also found bound in red or blue velvet. Octavo (119 x 91mm). Original brown velvet, red edges, decorative endpapers printed in blue and gold with a repeating floral pattern, original card slipcase covered in paper matching the endpapers, full-length spine label printed in black on white paper (hinges cracked but holding, front endpaper detached, very light wear to the edges of the velvet cover, slipcase lightly worn).