Journey, Russia

Leonid Lamm

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Property of the Family of the Artist Leonid Lamm 1928 - 2017 Journey, Russia signed with a monogram and dated 00-01 on the central scroll, each scroll further signed, titled and dated on the reverse oil on canvas Central scroll: 100 by 97cm, 39¼ by 38¼in., side scrolls: 100 by 51cm, 39¼ by 20in. Overall: 100 by 200cm, 39¼ by 75¾in. Exhibition New Canaan, Connecticut, Silvermine Art Center, Leonid Lamm Retrospective, 2001 New York, The Chelsea Art Museum, New York - Moscow: Session of Simultaneous Game, 2008 St Petersburg, The State Russian Museum, Leonid Lamm: From Utopia to Virtuality, 2009, no.181 New Brunswick, New Jersey, Zimmerli Art Museum, Nevermore: Leonid Lamm, Selected Works ..., 3 March - 30 September 2018 Literature Exhibition catalogue Leonid Lamm: From Utopia to Virtuality St Petersburg: Palace Editions, 2009, no.181, p.190 illustrated