The Gossipers

Alexander Petrovich Lukutin

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Property from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Sold to Benefit Future Acquisitions Alexander Petrovich Lukutin 1819 - 1888 The Gossipers further inscribed Fabriki N.Lukutina and bearing three gilt Russian Imperial Eagles on the base of the second panel oil on panel Panel: 16 by 20.5cm, 6¼ by 8in. Framed: 31 by 35cm, 12¼ by 13¾in. Provenance Parke-Bernet, Russian Works of Art, 18 December 1968, lot 280 Acquired at the above sale by C. Michael Paul A gift from the Josephine Bay Paul and C. Michael Paul Foundation, Inc., and the Charles Ulrick and Joseph Bay Foundation to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 1968 Catalogue Note The Lukutin factory was established in 1818, when control of the small Korobov workshop passed to Piotr Lukutin. In 1841, Piotrs son, Alexander Lukutin, joined his father and together they converted the craft of lacquered papier-mâché into a genuine art form through daring innovation in subject-matter and technique. The lacquerware produced in this era was not signed by the artist, therefore it is nearly impossible to identify the artist of a specific piece. C. Michael Paul (1901-1980) was born Pavel Mikhailovich Iogolevitch in Imperial Russia where, after a brief career as a violinist, he joined the Russian army. He changed his name to Capton Michael Paul when he emigrated to the United States after World War I. After accumulating a large fortune in the petroleum business, he founded the C. Michael Paul Foundation and in 1965, he endowed the C. Michael Paul Hall at the Julliard School.