A Fabergé silver bowl, Moscow, circa 1914

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Property from a Private Collection, USA A Fabergé silver bowl, Moscow, circa 1914 circular, the inside with repoussé double-headed Imperial Eagle and inscription ‘War 1914 and inscribed Fabergé in Cyrillic, struck on the side Fabergé in Cyrillic beneath the Imperial warrant, 84 standard diameter 10.8cm, 4 1/5in. Catalogue Note For a similar silver wartime bowl, please see I. Collins, exhibition catalogue, Fabergé from St Petersburg to Sandringham, Norwich, 2018, p. 126 During the Great War, Fabergé produced an impressive variety of objects that we would not expect from the jewelers workshops. Adapting to the austerity of the time, objects ranged from bowls and cigarette cases to kitchen utensils such as field samovars and saucepans and were embossed with Fabergé and inscribed ‘War 1914. Intended as small gifts, the items were usually commissioned by the government and presented to soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army by Emperor Nicholas II. As the sons of Russian nobility would write from the front to their mothers that they had food but lacked cookware to eat in, their mothers would also commission cookware by Fabergé to send to their children. In parallel, Fabergé continued to work on commissions for the Imperial family. These practical and historically important objects in the firms history, were made of less valuable metals such as copper, brass or steel. It is notable that the present lot shares the design of these simpler items, but is executed in 84 standard silver.