A Russian lacquer panel-mounted photo album, late 19th century

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A Russian lacquer panel-mounted photo album, late 19th century the blue velvet cover mounted with a lacquer panel with a figural painting, containing the photograph archive of the Prince Leon Ivanovich Dondoukoff Izedinoff, officer of the Hussars Life-Guard regiment, stamped on the back cover with the Imperial gold medal recognition from the All-Russian Exhibition of 1882, Moscow height 27 cm, 10¾in. CATALOGUE NOTE Prince Leon Ivanovich Dondukov-Izedinov (1864-1930) was a colonel in His Majetsy’s Life-Guard Hussar Regiment and leader of the nobility of the Kursk region. After graduating from the Nikolaev Cavalry School in St Petersburg in 1886, the young prince was released with the rank of cornet and immediately joined His Majesty’s Life Guards Hussar Regiment. Rising to the rank of lieutenant in 1890 and later to staff captain in 1891, Dondukov-Izedinov joined the Guards Cavalry reserve in 1892. In 1895 he was appointed adjutant and put in charge of the court of Prince Georgy Maximilianovich Romanovsky, 6th Duke of Leuchtenberg, son of Maximilian de Beauharnais and Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, sister of Alexander II. During this appointment, he became captain and further colonel in 1901. Forced to retire in uniform in 1906 for personal reasons, the prince settled on his estate in Kursk where he devoted himself to social and political activities, leading the nobility of the Kursk region until 1917. During the Revolution Dondukov-Izedinov served in the South of Russia under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1920 the prince emigrated to Yugoslavia and later to France.