Faberge Silver, Two-color Gold and Jeweled Translucent Enamel Double Photograph Frame


ranslucent Enamel Double Photograph Frame, Work-master Johan Victor Aarne, St. Petersburg, circa 1911

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Comprising two hinged rectangular panels with arched tops, enameled translucent powder blue over a guillochi ground, the apertures with molded red gold borders topped by green gold leaves centered by pearls, containing photographs of Nicholas II and the Czarevich Alexis Nicholaevich, the edges of the f rames enameled with opaque white stripes and dots, the central hinge with finial in the form of a wreath of gold laurel wrapped by red gold ribbons, marked with Cyrillic initials of workmaster, 88 standard (91.66%) Faberge in Cyrillic and London import marks for 1911.