Caucasian Dagger Mounted in Silver-Gilt and Turquoises


19th Century

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The tapering blade marked on one side, 'Fabrica de Toledo,' and on the other, 'ano de 1851,' engraved with foliage on a matted ground and gilded, the shaped bone hilt mounted with silver-gilt scrolling foliage and studded with turquoises, the top set with a large turquoise cabochon; the scabbard also mounted with silver-gilt scrolling foliage and turquoises. Contained in a presentation glazed case, inscribed, 'Youssoupoff Dagger. Worn and Used in the Assassination of the Russian Monk Rasputin. Presented by Prince Felix Youssoupoff to Princess Leon Razumowski. Paris 1927.' This dagger was a gift to the current owner from his aunt, Princess Leon Razumowski.

Sold with an affidavit of the owner testifying to the provenance. Also sold with a magazine reproduction of Prince Youssoupoff wearing this dagger.