Service of Faberge Silver Flatware

Moscow, circa 1900

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The spatulate handles decorated with swans with splayed wings and cornucopiae, comprising:
thirteen dinner forks twelve teaspoons twelve dessert spoons soup ladle Fish Fork Sauce Ladle Another Serving Spoon two Serving Forks two Butter Spades twelve dinner knives with steel blades twelve luncheon knives with steel blades eleven tablespoons twelve demi-tasse sp<x)ns twelve dessert forks Fish Slice Serving Sp<x>n Cake Slice Sugar Sifter Cheese Sc<x>p Cheese Knife marked K. Faberge with Imperial warrant, K.F. in Cyrillic and 84 standard (87.5%), 203 ozs. of weighable silver. Contained in a fitted wood chest. 112pieces.