Fine Russian Silver-Gilt, Cloisonne Enamel and Plique-A-Jour Enamel Punch Set


Ovchinnikov, Moscow, 1890

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The large circular tray raised on (our ball feet, the surface enameled with panels of multicolored styli/ed foliage on gilded stippled grounds, the raised center fitted with a punch bowl in the form of a bucket enameled en suite and engraved in French and Cyrillic, 'Souvenir of Pavlovsk, 2 July, 1891,' each side with a roundel inscribed in champleve enamel, 'J.M. Charcot,' the border of the tray with six circular polished reserves to hold six plique-a-jour enamel f<x>ted cups, the kovsh enameled en suite with the punch bucket. 9 pieces.