marked with indistinct maker's and city marks, circa 1890

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The first with shaped cartouches, the top rectangular with the rose-cut diamond-set Roman numeral XV on on white guilloche enamel ground, the reverse with the later engraved dates 1893 1/IX 1908, above a rectangle with an red and white enamelled Grenadier's helmet on opaque white ground suspending a partly openwork shield with gilt Russian inscription 'To Moisei Borisovich Freidin in fond memory from I.M.', the reverse with entwined Cyrillic initials IFM on pink rayed ground; the second with a cabochon ruby and rose-cut diamond set crown over the cypher TG suspending a crowned roundel with the Imperial eagle, the reverse later engraved with the Russian inscription 'I.N.U. 1910 S.Ia. Kogan', the third with shaped cartouche with gilt numeral 92 on blue enamel ground, above a red and white enamel rhomboid applied with the Cyrillic initials 'SMK' with fan finial, the reverse with hinged back, suspending a pair of wings enclosing a wheel with scroll finial, all with chain loops and catches, marked on loops, in later fitted leather case