A Russian Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Icon of the Marriage of Alexander III and Marie Feodorovna


St. Petersburg, circa 1891

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The central doors engraved with six roundels of saints opening to reveal a carved mother-of-pearl icon of Christ at a Marriage Feast, the Marriage at Cana, depicting the Saviour performing His first miracle, transforming water into wine, and inscribed in Cyrillic, "Cana, Galilee," the field applied with the Imperial monograms of Alexander and Marie, the border of the icon with a Cyrillic inscription "God Save the Czar, Czarina and all the Imperial Family for Many Many Years. May They Realize All Fondest Wishes, Consantinople, 28th October 1866 - 28th October 1891, " the reverse applied with a label from the Palace of Gatchina, Chapel.