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Tuchkov, A. P. and Vuich, V. L, eds. Volume I, No. 27 of 85 copies, Paris, 1938; Volume II, No. 29 of 125 copies, Paris, 1966; Volume III, No. 29 of2Г–0 copies, Paris, 196-^ ; Album of Illustrations, No. xx of ? copies, Paris, 1961, in twelve parts; Part I Uniforms of the Regiment; Fart II Members of the Imperial Families in the Register of the Horse Guards; Fart III Imperial Palaces and Other Historical Buildings; Part IV Memorable Days in the Life of Officers of the Horse Guards; Part V Pictures of Members of the Horse Guards; Part VI Old Horse Guards Families (including a picture of Baron Leonide Platonovich von Wrangell); Fart VII Objets d'Art connected with the Horse Guards; Fart VIII Estates and Castles of the Officers of the Horse Guards; Fart IX The Horse Guards Barracks; Fart X The Horse Guards in Peace Time; Fart XI The Horse Guards in the War; Part XII Life of the Horse Guards in Emigration: Volumes I-III, oblong folio, IS'A x W/sin. (33.6 x 26.4cm.) Volumes I & III, contemporary binding, blue, with gilt Romanov eagle, (Volume II, loose); Album of Illustrations, in publisher's folding box

Peter the Great established the Horse Guards in 1706 as part of his extensive reorganization of the Russian Military. This four-part History of the Life-Guard Regiment was to have been published in 1919 to commemorate the bicentennial of the regiment's formation. World War I and the Russian Revolution intervened, but the determination and loyalty of the members of the regiment in exile assured the publication of this valuable history abroad. With the financial support of the Grand Duke Dmitrii Pavlovich Volume I was published in Paris in 1938. The remaining three parts followed some twenty years after World War II thanks to the continuing work of Prince S. S. Belosselsky-Belozersky and Messrs. Tuchkov and Vuich. These volumes are beautifully illustrated and written and provide not only a military history but a valuable resource on Russia; the volumes include personal recollections, unrecorded elsewhere.