The Vladimir Mother of God


Moscow, circa 1500

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Brought to Russia in the 12th century from Constantinople, and transfered to Moscow in 1395 from Vladimir, the Icon of the Vladimir Mother of God is the most venerated Image in Russia, closely connected with some of the greatest moments in the Nation's history. The iconographie type occurs frequently, and the finest artists, Rublyov included, tried their hand at it. The example here reproduced is a product of the artistic synthesis elaborated through the creative achievement of Rublyov and Dionysii.
Delicate drawing, fluent and calligraphically precise, and soft modelling contribute to a lyrical mood of serenity, refinement and gentle pathos. For a Moscow painter, in contrast to a contemporary artist from Novgorod, it is the inner contemplative state which is his concern.

Features which serve to date the panel to the early 16th century are the proportions of the border and the green hue of the background