The PietГ , Italo-Cretan

second half of the 15th century

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Panel split down the centre and repaired

The composition and treatment derive from 14th century Venetian painting.

This icon may be compared with a number of published examples of the same theme, all of which derive from an iconography and manner of painting associated with an icon by Nicholas Tzaphouris in the Vienna Museum. (See Dreidl-Papadopoulos, 1979, pp. 93, fig. 39).
Compare the offered icon with another in the Benaki Museum, Athens (see Nano Chatzidakis, Icons of the Cretan School, item 45, p.52. The Benaki icon is also reproduced in the catalogue of the Royal Academy Exhibition, From Byzantium to El Greco, London, 1987, no.45), another in the Canellopoulos Collection in Athens, and a further icon by Andreas Pavias at Rossano (see M. Chatzidakis, Icons of Patmos, Athens 1977, figs. 52 & 53)