Workmaster A.R., St. Petersburg, circa 1890

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Of rectangular section with reeded sides, the cover with an vacant circular reserve and reeded in a sunburst design, with pushbutton latch opening the hinged cover to the gilded, covered inkwell. Contained in fitted leather case. Height 3 inches (7.7 cm.) Note: "The initials A.R. have been found on objects bearing Faberge's signature. Mr. Bainbridge refers to a light blue enameled ink-pot marked K. Faberge without the usual double-headed eage of the Moscow House, and the initials A.R. In addition to this, Mr. Henry Hill has given me details of a silver double ashtray marked in precisely the same way. The initials are possibly those of a workmaster in either Odessa or Kiev whose name we do not know, if he had worked in Moscow a double-headed eagle would have appeared over the name Faberge." The Art of Carl Faberge, by A. Kenneth Snowman, p. 128